Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Game Technology

Game consoles used to focus on the technology rather than appearance; but today they focus on both technology AND appearance. Just looking at the Playstation series you can see the radical improvement of the technology and appearance...

Playstation = CD

Playstation 2 = DVD

Playstation 3 =Blu-ray

Recently I have heard that people don’t like the PS3 design... my opinion is that this is absurd! I just love the futuristic, black, slick console; and I am proud of the way that the controller hasn’t changed either, apart from adding analogue sticks and having it wireless- clearly it is good so that is why they haven’t changed it. However I didn’t like the concept idea for the PS3 control... it almost reminds me of the Xbox controller which I just don’t see how it had good ergonomics, I am glad they didn’t stick with the concept. To be honest I don’t understand the design of the Xbox controller, the very first one was massive, and a person of my size- male or female- wouldn’t have a chance of handling it; but to play it, you must be massive with immensely huge hands; and I presume that this is where Microsoft lost a wide variety of their audience, for being portrayed as a “boy’s console”.

I have never really understood what ergonomics was until researching it; now I realise that it is comfort for the consumer. Like the boomerang/wheel concept for the PS3, the design idea was “a more natural shape for a more comfortable feel”; I can imagine it being more comfortable- like a keyboard is designed so the most used letters are in the middle, and therefore you don’t strain your hands (I only just found out that today actually lol). But I do prefer the original PS3 control; although I think it could be due to the fact that it wasn’t released and I’ve never used it- or that it takes me a while to get used to “change”.

All in all my opinion is “don’t judge a book by its cover.... but people still do”, for example- the PS3 is “brick-like” compared to the Xbox; but the PS3 is more technically advance with blu-ray, whereas the Xbox is still using the technology of DVD.

These are just some cool Google images I found for the Playstation series which I like.

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